“Clay- Textures – High temperature glazes”


Born in 1959 in Marseille, Karine Benvenuti lives and works in the South of France.

In recent years, her work has  emerged significantly in the sculptural ceramic arts.

After a classic artistic education, she “meets” with clay” which gives her the feeling of “dancing” with the material.

In ceramics, she retains  the Essential : material and more generally the movements and actions of the body work, the colors (those of the material, and those, minimized, of the stains)  and fire management …

Winner in March 2012 of the “Ateliers d’Art de France” award, Karine Benvenuti was amongst the artists selected for the XXII International Biennale of Contemporary Creation & Pottery in Vallauris.

The course

“Clay – Textures – High temperature glazes
How to combine the three?
How to choose your clay according to the textures you want to apply?
How to choose your glaze with the textures you made?

The course will be articulated as follows:

1st and 2nd day
After a presentation of the artist and her work, we will discuss her personal techniques and work on the importance of the shape, its life in space. Balance between empty and full. How to adapt a texture or material to a shape. Realization of different textures.
At the same time, we will discuss the questions that may arise in relation to the choice of the clay (
different colors’ stoneware) compared to glazes.
We will reflect on the limits of the clay: how far can we go in thicknesses. Why and what are the solutions.

3rd day
This day will be devoted to glazes :
• Initiation and approach of high temperature glazes.
• Brief history.
• Recipes.
• Demonstration of  glazes’application with a brush. Choice of glazes according to the sculptures, the      clay, the materials etc …
• We will study together the diversity of glazes’textures (more or less fluid) depending on what we want to achieve as a final result.

Material to bring :

  • What you need to take notes
  • What you need to create textures (straw, toothpick, Chinese chopsticks, shells, old pine cone, dried corn cobs …)
  • Apron
  • Personal tools (birch, scrapers, brushes …)

Workshop cost :

– 3 days  450€

+ mandatory membership fee : 15€

Worktime : 9.30am – 5.30pm. One hour for the lunchtime



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