Vallauris Institute of Arts organizes three kinds of programs.

V.I.A. organizes various programs for :

  • Emerging or established artists (Artists in residence)
    Geared toward personal work, emerging and established artists have the opportunity to show their personal work (work of resident artists will be showcase at the gallery” C k’omsa” at end of the residency). Possibility of leaving some works on permanent display after departure, (on terms and conditions to be set).  Field trips could to be arrange to visit various interesting neighboring art sites.
  • Students and art teacher (students program)
    This program is geared to realize a common project or a more personal one within the structure. Also rich in cultural tours of the area this program include a visit of local artists studio representing Vallauris “savoir faire”.
  • Forum / Seminar
    V.I.A regularly organizes meetings between artists of different countries and offers tours of the Riviera’s rich cultural, in the form of one-week stay with lodging.

(Length of stays varies from one to eight weeks.)

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