VIA presentation

Welcome, I’m Sandrine ROUSSEAU, Artistic manager and président of V.I.A.








VIA is an art and training center. It’s a non profit association which aims to promote the development of contemporary creation in all its forms and mainly ceramics.


V.I.A. was born in Vallauris and was situated in the studios of Roger CAPRON, famous ceramist of this city.

Then, the activities of the center took place in the pedagogical center of the Terra Rossa Museum in Salernes (Var), also a ceramic city, famous for its tiles.

The center has finally settled permanently, still in Salernes, in a former coaching inn of the 17th century.


A place devoted to creation and sharing

The association is intended for the creation, to participate, engage and experience the broadcast of cultural vitality. It is a gathering place that encourages creativity through sharing of ideas between artists and cultural institutions.

Meetings and exchanges between residents and local artists are held in Vallauris and its surroundings.The interaction between resident artists / students and accomplished artists from the region provides support on mutual influences, guides possible creative collaboration and allows to contribute to the development of art and cultural expansion.

Resident artists from around the world couple with cultural plurality and diverse techniques open new horizons, share discoveries and establish relationships, amity and professional network that can be sustain and beneficial for all parties.


The objective of VIA is also :

  • To develop partnerships with all members / participants willing to enhance art expression.
  • To create channels with universities and art schools from around the world.
  • To establish support for contemporary creation by awarding scholarships to selected students from universities and art schools.
  • To organize cultural events for the development and presentation of emerging talent and professionals. (Exhibitions / conferences / debates…)