Sandrine ROUSSEAU, artistic director and President of VIA, is also a sculptor and ceramic artist (artist name OMSA). For several years, in addition to her organizational work at the center, she has focused her activities on the transmission of know-how rather than on her personal work as an artist.

Her passion for porcelain, which she calls “Lady clay”, led her to become a specialist in paper porcelain.

Like a woman, porcelain has a temper, she is sensual, she has a phenomenal memory, she is capricious … she does what she wants!

To overcome some of her “defects”, the solution is to introduce cellulose in the paste or the slip.

In this course, we will explain the advantages of this technique and make our own paper-clay, then we will put into practice by creating various objects either in paste or in slip, using molds, pears etc …

It’s a festive course, the fact of experimenting is like a game and the results are sparkling!

Competition 2019 – Eroticism of Flowers
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